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Livestreaming me playing sims 3 :3

got my livestream all set up if anyone wants to watch me playing while talking to a friend :3


Lover’s Poses by Rusty Nail


Rusty Nail


Garden Sign Add-Ons

I quickly updated my set of garden signs this morning. The originals are from Gosik @ TSR, full credit to Gosik. All I did was create images for the newer Store harvestables. Note that while I looked for images that were 3D renders or illustrations (and further edited them myself to look like drawings), some actually look more like photos in-game, which I’m not thrilled about. But meh, I’ll use em. Feel free to use these too =)

Will not replace other signs, this is a new file.
Package and Sims3Pack (MEGA)

Signs: blueberry, blackberry, cocoa, corn, cucumber, orange, peach, pear, pecan, raspberry, strawberry.

I didn’t include the forbidden fruit, kelp, or crystal flowers. May consider adding modded plants in the future like the turkey tree, sausage plant, dragon fruit, zucchini, etc.


annywayssimblr replied to your post:

That’s awesome! xD

I just had to do it. It’s a beautiful world and all, but it makes my eyes puke rainbows.