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You will find many unfinished stories here, but there is the occasional gem that will be completed.
haven’t played much of this week yet, my feed will go dead for a while til i get enough to queue up again xD

besides, it ran for two whole days, that was a lot of pics.


Berra Kosmos, as requested by burntsugarsimblr. she also wrote the description!~~
It was the last thing Amaranth Breeze expected to find when he took the lead on the first manned mission through the fissure - An alternate timeline to their own, but the same planet! With time and effort the people have been building this new home up in the hopes of changing their futures.

(Note: You’ll have to go into edit town to place lots! also this world has no cc included!) <3
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End of Week Four:

  •  Garden replanted, much perfect things. Sunshine is one perfect item away from completing her LTW.
  • MONEY TREE! [this is actually the first money tree i’ve ever gotten legit]
  • Both Plum and Storm hit level 10 athletic. Plum is 3 logic points from completing his LTW.
  • Storm rolled the ‘International Super Spy’ LTW. Since this next gen involves either being in military or the police, I let him have it.
  • Decided on the No Plumbing Rule Edit.
  • The twins aged up and wow, cuties! They both rolled traits that don’t matter toward their survival.
  • We have thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of produce. Will be selling it all very soon, we’ll say that they sold them via e-bay lol.


She’s pissed cause she wanted to play it first.


obviously this calls for some kind of follower gift…

I caved in, sold over 300 apples [got a nice stack of simoleons] and brought a telescope and chess set.

tumblinrob replied to your post: Replies from when I slumbered[and thos…

You slumbered? How rude!

xD had to, been so into this challenge i’ve been going to bed at an average time of 3am over the last few days. It takes a long time to play a sim week, I never even realized.

risastorm replied to your photo “Hey, Risa. Does this look as terrifying to you as it does me? :p”

oh wow you’ve got a lot to do! good luck~

and that’s just cause I wanna give the farmland depth! :p

Replies from when I slumbered[and those i overlooked]