“Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock n' roll.”
Hi, I'm Nikki; I've been a simmer since the original game, I tend to go back and forth from this page and my other blogs, but I will always return

You will find many unfinished stories here, but there is the occasional gem that will be completed.


annywayssimblr replied to your post:

That’s awesome! xD

I just had to do it. It’s a beautiful world and all, but it makes my eyes puke rainbows.

Didn’t do much today, working on decorating the house. hard to do that when i don’t want to make EVERYTHING colorful, just the furniture :p different to my usual methods.

What have I done today? Pt.2

What have I done today? pt 1

Just working on Twizzlerbrook for Burnt Sugar.

it’s still sunday somewhere. so have a selfie.

i did my presentation today. i ballsed it up, my video i made wouldn’t run and it threw me off. gonna see if i can give it again tomorrow.

reticulatesplines your ask box is closed

but I’d be happy to build a house for you if you like :)

one time when i was a little kid we were moving house. so me, my brother, and my sister were all sleeping on mattresses next to each other in what would become our old room.

and i dreamed i went to the toilet, like full on, whole dream about sitting there peeing.

so naturally, I wet the bed.

i woke up, bed soaked, shimmied off it, changed clothes…

and then rolled my sister onto my mattress and went to sleep on hers.