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Hi, I'm Nikki; I've been a simmer since the original game, I tend to go back and forth from this page and my other blogs, but I will always return

You will find many unfinished stories here, but there is the occasional gem that will be completed.



🎃Hello humans. :) 🎃

Here is this year’s schedule:

(Saturday) September 27th to (Thursday) October 23rd:
A spread the word event where we all make advertisements and party and just generally get excited about Simblreen.  Pre-event mini gifts? Get excited about Halloween photo-shoots?  Preview shots?  Story prequels?   I don’t know, it’s for the community and by the community, so let your personalities shine. :)

October 24th- 26th (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday):
Porch lights and gifts

October 27th-October 31st:
Partying and playing with our goodies and feeling good about spooky life. Lots of sharing pictures and finding new simblrs to love.

October 31st:
Last chance gifting.


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I’ll be doing this again, of course. Over here and on my sims 4 blog.


Hi all -

Exciting news! I’ve had the pleasure of contributing in a small way to a great new program for editing Sims 4 custom content. We’re now ready for alpha release, and want you to check it out!

Read more about it and download here:
The Sims 4 Studio v1.0

In this version of the app, you can create replacement or standalone recolors, with multiple variants per package file (with their own swatches). You can also create new meshes for accessories and shoes (clothing and hair coming ASAP). The program integrates with Blender for an accurate, smooth 3D preview as you work. They’re also planning to add functionality for custom animations.

Please take a look, and reblog so everyone sees the good news!

<3 helaene

All coding credit to the amazing Sims 4 Group at Simlogical!


Tee Shirt Totoro

You already know that I’m a fan of Miyazaki ^^ I just wanted casual tee-shirt for my sims and I choose Totoro 

You can download them here and see the pictures in full size.
I made them with the last reased program so they are fully compatible with game and they have their own space.

Hope you like them, thanks for the reblog and the like. If you want you can use the tag fuyaya or fu4sa, I track them.

there’s one from starrynights and even shows you how to add swatchs but there’s no tutorials on how to create new meshes yet,
that is perfect thank you so much let me kiss your face <3
does anyone know where i can find a tutorial on how to do sims 4 clothes

cause i wanna make sweater recolors/repatterns but i can’t find a tutorial or anything?








Hey! I’m looking for people to follow in the gallery!

My Origin ID is normawilahmina.

What’s yours?


kaylove94 :]





paulaboston or miadarkdecider
game is in mum’s account rn but i’ll get my own copy soon.


This is the first time i’m doing a proper legacy challenge with the rules and everything, yayyyy! 

So seems fair that I start one in SIms 4, where there are no real mods to make me tempted, and a severe lack of cheats, hehe. 

Legacy Information Below The Cut

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wooo doing an actual legacy over here for once! :D