“Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock n' roll.”
Hi, I'm Nikki; I've been a simmer since the original game, I tend to go back and forth from this page and my other blogs, but I will always return

You will find many unfinished stories here, but there is the occasional gem that will be completed.

“Go to hell.”

“Such a mouth on you. You really should put it to work before I do something drastic, pet.” She winced as his smile fell for a moment, staring down at her. “You really don’t want me to do something drastic. He’s not here to make sure you’re alright this time.”

Her gaze fell to the floor as his fingers slid down to her neck, she shivered in that moment, feeling the tingling sensation of his fingers on her skin, and then the pleasure was gone, taken over by blind fear as his fingers wrapped around her throat, his thumb pressing into her windpipe. She gasped, and he pressed her to the window tighter, his body moving closer to hers.

“Do I have to ask twice?”          

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